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Every FMSC MarketPlace purchase supports artisans and feeds kids around the world.

M&M's® Fundraising Tubes - Case of 24

$ 30.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 48 meals.

These little tubes make a perfect gift for you or your family and friends, while also making a big difference in the lives of kids around the world! 

Order the M&Ms!
Eat the chocolate!
Fill the tube with quarters!
Bring it back when you pack!

We call our M&M tubes "Mission Money." Enjoy the chocolate, then fill the tube up with quarters and send your donation back to FMSC. With each tube filled, you will have raised enough money to feed 48 children for a day! A little bit goes a long way. This is a great way to fundraise for an event or to give as a birthday favor for your party!

Use M&M tubes to fundraise for your MobilePack or FMSC event! It's a fun way to get EVERYONE involved and spread the mission of FMSC.

Try selling each Mini M&M's® tube for $2 or $5 each:

 Quantity (Cases) Profit - each tube sold at $2 Profit - each tube sold at $5
1 $18 $90
2 $36 $180
3 $54 $270
4 $72 $360
5 $90 $450
10 $180 $900


If you live in the area, you can return your filled donation tube(s) to one of our packing site locations. If not, you can mail your donation to an FMSC site. Thank you for helping to feed children around the world!

Would you please consider donating to Feed My Starving Children?

We know hunger is fixable — one meal at a time. When each meal costs just 29 cents, each one of us can make a big impact. Your gift will change lives!