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Just Because Banana Leaf Card Set

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Sometimes it's nice to send a card just because. Feed children around the world and send a wonderful message to your friends and family by purchasing a set of 3 handmade banana leaf cards!

These beautiful, unique cards were created from pieces of banana leaf added to card stock. Students at the Montfort Institute, an orphanage for deaf children in Haiti, make these cards to help pay their school fees and enjoy time together as they create their works of art!

Founded in 1957, Institute Montfort was the first institution in Haiti specializing in educating and housing children who are deaf and deaf-blind. Today, over six hundred children from ages 3 to 20 benefit from the skills training and education provided at the three schools established by Institute Montfort. FMSC meals are provided to children during their school day! 

Each set comes with three cards and three light blue envelopes.

Size: Cards are 5 1/2" X 4".

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