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Hope Candle

$ 16.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 31 meals.

Made in: Nicaragua

Artisan Group: Fabretto

Each aromatic candle in a glass container with a lid is unique, handmade by a Nicaraguan artisan at FMSC food partner, Fabretto. The process begins with the melting of the paraffin and additives, then the aroma is added and poured manually into each previously prepared container. The glasses are allowed to cool for 24 hours proceeding labeling and packaging.

This vanilla candle is made with refined full paraffin and top quality additives, which allows for longer burning time and a better diffusion of the aroma in the environment.

Composition: Full refined paraffin
Scent: Vanilla
Dimensions: diameter 7cm, height 9cm
Weight: 385 g