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Cross Body Bag

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Meet the artisan who made this item
This versatile, colorful bag is sure to liven up any outfit while also providing a comfortable and practical bag or purse!
Made from durable, international fabrics, the strong straps and well-sewn zipper will keep your items safe as you go about your day.
Each hand-sewn bag is made by FMSC's artisan partners in Cascabel, Nicaragua.  In addition to supporting the livelihoods of these artisans, each purchase provides meals to over 7,000 children receiving FMSC meals in the Cascabel region each week!

Bag Size: 12" long x 11" wide

The strap length can be adjusted at the cloth loop provided on the side of the bag.

Color: The multi-color tones/designs vary from bag to bag based on available fabrics.

We cannot guarantee that the colors/patterns will exactly match the images below, but they will be close. We can ensure that you will receive a beautiful, bright, multi-colored bag that has made a difference in the life of the artisan who made it!

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