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El Salvador

Food for the Poor

Feed My Starving Children’s partner, Food For The Poor, works with 10 orphanages to sponsor more than 300 children – providing them with FMSC food, shoes, cleaning supplies and school materials. In 2004, Food For The Poor created a pottery shop. They named it Ulozapot, which means, “The place of the red clay.” Today, nine artisans run the workshop using local clay, paint, and El Salvadorian designs to create their works of art. They are able to support their families through the sales of their handmade items.

Meet the Artisans


Pedro loves pottery, from beginning to end – the whole process. With effort and emotion, he puts his whole heart into crafting El Salvadorian clay bowls. These bowls create HOPE for Pedro. Hope for him to grow. Hope for him to keep working. Hope that makes a difference.

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We know hunger is fixable — one meal at a time. When each meal costs just 29 cents, each one of us can make a big impact. Your gift will change lives!