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Deux Mains

FMSC MarketPlace partner Deux Mains was created in a time of disaster, yet thrives in its wake. When a catastrophic earthquake decimated Haiti in 2010, Deux Mains founder experienced a country at its worst. Witnessing the desperate need for dignified employment in Haiti became the catalyst and greatest inspiration behind the brand. Now, they honor the ancestral wisdom, talent, and perseverance found in the people of Haiti. Deux Mains means "two hands" in French—because there is an Master Haitian craftsman behind every piece produced.

When you choose Deux Mains, you choose safe working conditions, a liveable wage, health insurance, and access to education for Haitian people. You choose a solar-powered, women-owned factory. You choose found or made materials, traditional craft methods and a circularity mindset. You choose high quality, timeless designs that can become wardrobe staples for years. You choose fashion that's designed to do good.

Meet the Artisans


"I am a Haitian craftsman, and have been working in the leather industry since my adolescence alongside my father, who is a master of the trade. Since then, I have become a professional maker, working in a beautiful company called Deux Mains.

Since his studio is inside our home, I have always been by my father’s side, working with him. He taught me each step, and my help became a necessary part of his craft. At the age of 17, I decided to start my first independent project. I worked during his absence, and one day he discovered what I had accomplished on my own.  He was shocked, amazed at what I had done without his oversight. From then on, I was inspired to continue to work in this sector."

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