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Avanti Coffee

Avanti Coffee Company was created not only to showcase Haiti’s premium coffee crop, but also to empower rural mountain villages to thrive through economic development and ethical business practices.  The coffee industry is a major abuser of human rights with widespread violations for child labor, inhumane living conditions, lack of latrines, and unfair wages. Avanti's pursuit of truly ethical coffee and their direct trade model eliminates all of that. 

At Avanti, direct trade means they not only know who their farmers are, but they take time to understand their needs, get to know their families, and even work alongside them in the field on occasion. Avanti buys beans directly from the farmers, ensuring they are paid appropriately and that their dignity is protected. Their farmers are proud of their work. They tend to their crops with extra care and attention because Avanti coffee beans are the future of their families.

Meet the Farmers


"I am a father of three children. I live in the village of Lafit. Avanti's coffee initiative is very good for my community. Due to unfair trading prices and natural disasters our community had lost trace of coffee. Now we are growing it and reaping true benefits of our labor. This will be a legacy I will leave for my children."


"I have two sons and two daughters. I am so happy to be an Avanti farmer. After I lost all of my coffee crops in the hurricane, I thought it would never be possible to farm again. I didn’t know how I would care for my family. I am grateful for this work and the value it gives us. Thank you for choosing to drink our coffee."

Jean Onal

Jean Onal has six children; five sons and a daughter. He lives in the village of Lafit. He says, “Coffee is the best resource our community has to care for each other and our children. I am very excited for our future because Hope is alive. Thank you, God!”

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