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2nd Story Goods

MUCH Ministries created a small non-profit, called 2nd Story Goods, to help Haitian artisans come together to sell their handmade home goods and accessories. They fight poverty by employing local makers to create products from locally-sourced and upcycled materials and focus on development work through practical, real-life training with individuals, families and small businesses in the most marginalized areas. They sees the possibilities in each person as they watch the work of the artisan’s hands bring economic growth and stability to families in the community.

Meet the Artisans


Guersen is employed by FMSC MarketPlace™ partner 2nd Story Goods in Gonaives, Haiti. He leads a team of eight weavers who make beautiful handwoven baskets using dried local palm leaves. Guersen loves seeing the impact this work has as his team provides for their families.


Benson creates beautiful, hand-bound journals for FMSC MarketPlace™ partner 2nd Story Goods in Haiti. The journals are then carefully covered using rice bags, burlap and leather, which is sourced in-country as a by-product of food. Benson leads a team of more than 20 people at “The Brothers” Workshop in Jubilee, a small developing community by the sea, on the outskirts of Gonaives. His workshop is changing the story for people in this neighborhood.