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Haitian Clay Mug - Mr. and Mrs.

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The perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom in your life!

Meet the Artisans who make these mugs!

Why is this clay unique? In desperate times, extremely poor families in Haiti will mix clay from the ground with water, oil and salt to create a clay "cookie." These clay cookies are eaten by adults and children in order to fill their stomachs when food is not available. 

By transforming the same clay into these beautiful mugs, artisans from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti are able to sculpt their way out of poverty and support their families! 

Each mug comes with an insert telling the story of how these artisans are transforming clay from a desperate source of food to a sustainable source of income.

Size: Each mug is approximately 4 3/4 inches tall. It has a wide 4" base at the bottom of the mug with a more narrow 3 1/4" opening at the top: a perfect mug for drinking your morning coffee or tea!

How to take care of your mug: The mugs are lead-free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe, although we recommend hand-washing them and keeping microwave use minimal to offer extra care and enhance the longevity of your mug (as you would do with any other handmade, hand-glazed item).

Because each mug is handmade, please let us know if your mug has a chip or crack that we missed upon inspection and we will replace it. 


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