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Swazi Hut Ornament

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These unique Swazi Hut Ornaments, handcrafted by the Khutsala artisans, are made from lucky seeds and dried sisal, both of which are found in Eswatini. Huts are the main homestead of Swazi people. Proudly display this beautiful ornament on your holiday tree this year and be reminded of the artisans that you are are helping to support!

What is sisal? Sisal is a species of Agave that is grown in Africa and throughout other areas of the world. It is commonly used to make ropes and other durable material. Khutsala artisans cut the sisal, remove the green part of it and dry it in the sun in order to use it as the roof of these ornaments.

What are lucky seeds? Lucky seeds, commonly known as Swazi baby teething beads or river beads, are a tropical wild grass seed found in Eswatini that has been gathered and used for generations by local Swazi women for their babies to chew on as a natural teething remedy. They are referred to as Job's tears in other parts of the world.

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