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Beaded Noah's Ark Set

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Meet the artisans who make this product.

Share the story of Noah's Ark with this breathtakingly beautiful hand beaded set. This amazing 13-piece Noah's Ark set includes 2 flamingos, 2 lions, 2 elephants, 2 giraffes, 2 alligators, 2 doves and 1 ark. Every piece of this set is handmade, bead-by-bead, by the Khutsala Artisans in Eswatini, Africa.

Each of these animals takes more than 10 hours to make and the entire set takes several artisans a few days to craft. This entire set contains over 10,000 beads that are all completely hand-strung.

Ark dimensions: 15" in length and 9" tall

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