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Story of Hope: Madeline | Malawi

$ 10.00

Feeding kids | Feeding spirits | Empowering communities

Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment allows Madeline* to live a normal life — despite her HIV-positive status. But the treatment can be hard on an undernourished body, bringing debilitating dizziness and weakness.

Madeline used to worry that she’d need to stop treatment altogether — but no longer. She receives reliable, nourishing MannaPack® meals from FMSC food partner Reach Now International.

She said, “Since the time I started receiving [these meals], I no longer get sick frequently ...  I have been gaining weight and stay strong and healthier … My good health has raised up my confidence that I can do anything just like anybody else — unlike the past when I was always down and feeling incapable.”

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

FMSC Stories of Hope are an amazing way to share your deep love and compassion with those you love.

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    Each FMSC meal costs less than a quarter. Every dollar you give is tax-deductible, funds lifesaving FMSC meals, and makes a significant difference.

    Thank you for being God’s hands and feet.

    Note: Once your online donation is completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a PDF version of the story. You will not receive a physical card.

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