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Every FMSC MarketPlace purchase supports artisans and feeds kids around the world.

Recycled Glass Bead Wreath Ornament

$ 20.00 $ 20.00
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Purchase provides 30 meals.

Made in: Uganda

Artisan Group: The Women of Pader

This unique wreath ornament is handmade with recycled paper and glass beads. Refined in fire, glass bottles are turned into beautiful beads that signify hard-work and sustainability. 

Handmade by the talented artisans at Women of Pader, your purchase allows them to earn a dignified income to support their families and community.

The women follow these five steps to create the recycled glass beads - from trash to treasure!

Step 1: Recycled glass found in the community is crushed and ground
Step 2: The crushed glass mixture is sprinkled into a pressed mold made from swamp and river mud mixed with gravel
Step 3: A plant stem is placed in the middle for the hole
Step 4: The molds are put into one of three ovens that heat the glass up to 1000°
Step 5: Voilà! Beautiful, unique beads are ready to be used for jewelry!

Size: Approximately 2.5" diameter

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