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Provide 45 Meals for Children Around the World: Greeting Card

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By donating $10 - entire groups of children in need will be fed. What an incredible impact you can make on behalf of your friends or family members! Because of your donation, FMSC will be able to send 45 meals to one of over 70 countries around the world. These meals will feed children in schools, medical clinics, orphanages and beyond. 

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or seasonal gift, you can honor a friend or loved one today by giving a gift that gives twice! FMSC’s motto is: feeding the body and feeding the spirit. You can feed children while also feeding the spirit of your loved one, who will know their gift has helped many others and has come from a thoughtful friend!

Honor your friend or loved one today. This greeting card will be sent to you today, so that you may personalize your gift to your friend or family this season.

This purchase provides 45 meals.

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