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Provide 216 Meals for a Family: Greeting Card

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If you have had the opportunity to pack food at an FMSC site or MobilePack event, you know the excitement that comes from packing each FMSC box! This box has a long journey ahead of it as it travels to one of over 70 countries around the world. When the box reaches its destination, rest assured that the 216 meals within will arrive in the hands of a family or individual in need. A little bit, goes a long way. One box can make a world of difference to a family living in difficult conditions. 

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or seasonal gift, you can honor a friend or loved one today by giving a gift that gives twice! FMSC’s motto is: feeding the body and feeding the spirit. You can provide 216 meals to a family while also feeding the spirit of your loved one who will know their gift has helped sustain a child in need and has come from a thoughtful friend!

Honor your friend or loved one today by funding a box of food to provide 216 meals for a family in need. The greeting card will be mailed to you today, so that you may personalize this gift for your friend or family member.

This purchase provides 216 meals.

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