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Noah's Ark Wall Art

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This elegant piece of wall art was crafted by metal workers in Haiti. Haiti imports oil in large, 55 gallon steel drums.

How is the metal art made?

Haiti imports oil in large, 55 gallon steel drums. From these containers, our artisan partners create beautiful works of art through the following steps:

1. They cut both ends of the steel drum off and reserve the top/bottom of the drums for 23" metal art they create.

2. Next, the artisans stuff the drum with banana leaves and start a fire to burn off residue, paint.

3. When cool, they slice the drum down the middle & stretch / pound it flat to reveal a 3' x 6' metal canvas (kind of like rolling out gingerbread.. except with steel).

4. They then draw the design onto the metal with chalk.

5. Pound, snip, chisel, stipple -- cut, shape, contour...

6. Your unique work of art is now complete!

The art measures roughly 16’’ across.

This purchase provides 111 meals.

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