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Metal Plant Ornament - Peace

  • 1600


See how this plant ornament was made!

You can bring peace and love to your flower pots this season with these beautiful, handmade, metal plant ornaments!

Meet the Artisan:
As a young man in Haiti, Frederic worked in a metal factory to make ends meet. While there, another man taught him how to make beautiful metal art.  The factory closed and Frederic had no job and no future.  It’s been 20 years, since Frederic decided to try to create and sell metal pieces on his own. Today, he has opened his own small shop in Haiti and is able to support his wife and 2 children with the sales of his craft!

Item Details: 
  • “Peace” design size: 8.5” long x 2” high
  • Height of entire piece including stake: 14.5"


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