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Striped Horn Salad Servers

$ 28.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 54 meals.

Made in: Haiti

Artisan Group: Vi Bella

Truly a work of art! These horn and wood serving utensils are made by Mr. Lafond and his team in Haiti. Horn, ethically sourced in Haiti, is given new life when sanded and polished. Each piece of horn takes on colors of ivory, tan, brown, black or any combination of these. No two utensils will be the same.

The process starts with raw goat and cow horns purchased from a local butcher that would otherwise be thrown away. The horns are then heated over charcoal until softened. They are moved to a cast iron press to be flattened, re-heated, and then molded into the desired form. The pieces will then go on to to the sanding and polishing team, which will start beveling away with shards of glass until a smooth surface is formed. The next team will then continuously sand and polish the horn surface until smooth, sealed, and properly finished.

Mr. Lafond had this to say about your support, "We want to thank all of the customers that support our work. Because of you we are able to employ 30 artisans all year round." Thank you for supporting Haitian artisans using traditional skills.

Details: Wood handle. Horn spoon and fork. Hand wash only; do not submerse. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Food safe. Do not soak in water for long periods of time. Due to the handmade and organic nature of this piece, slight variations in color, shape, dimension, and texture are to be expected and, as such, are assets of the handmade aesthetic.