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Honey of Hope

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Bring HOPE to children around the world by purchasing a jar of 100% pure organic honey harvested in Nicaragua by students enrolled in the beekeeping initiative through FMSC food partner Fabretto's technical education program (SAT). A sweet addition to tea, toast, oatmeal, smoothies or simply enjoyed by the spoonful!

Half of the population of Nicaragua is under 18 years-old, which translates into a great demand for education. However, Nicaragua faces great barriers in the training of youth, especially in rural areas, where about 30% of youth between 15 and 24 years-old do not study or work.

Fabretto’s goal is to ensure that young people from disadvantaged areas improve their income and break the cycle of poverty, through quality technical education, which, in turn, strengthens employability and future income opportunities.

In 2007, Fabretto launched an innovative secondary education program called SAT. The six pillars of the SAT curriculum include mathematics, natural sciences, literature, language and communication, agricultural technology, and community service. Through SAT, students learn to identify economic opportunities in their communities and to develop small business initiatives through cooperatives, student alliances, or individual initiatives. Training modules include the breeding of minor species, management of sustainable farms, coffee production, management of basic grains, and beekeeping, among others.

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