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Recycled Glass Bead Hoop Earrings

$ 26.00 $ 26.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 50 meals.

Made in: Uganda

Artisan Group: The Women of Pader

These glass bead hoop earrings are a perfect blend of elegant and earthy. The glass beads are handmade from recycled bottles, and the brass metal hoops are hammered and shaped by hand. They are a lovely accessory to any outfit and carry a beautiful story of reconciliation!

The Bead Project, a program of the Women of Pader, provides employment to 150 women making recycled paper and glass bead jewelry. These women artisans blend traditional African crafts with modern jewelry trends to create unique and lovely necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and gifts. Your purchase allows them to earn a dignified income to support their families and community.

The glass beads are made in molds that are hand-shaped from swamp and river mud. The Bead Project has two mud harvesters that collect and prepare the mud, which is then buried in the ground to keep it moist. Then the glass bead ladies shape the mud into molds where the glass powder is placed to the cook. They reuse as many molds as they can, because during the dry season the mud is very hard to come by.