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MEALS OF HOPE FOR NILO—PHILIPPINES: 216 meals to feed a hungry child

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Baby Nilo’s mother died. His grandma tried caring for him, but she didn’t have much. “Sometimes we only had water, coffee or tea to feed Nilo,” she said. At 11 months old, tiny Nilo weighed only ten pounds. Determined her grandson would live, she brought Nilo to FMSC partner International Care Ministries, where he was fed MannaPack™ Rice. After nearly one year eating FMSC meals, his weight doubled!

This will provide more than 200 meals to a child in need like Baby Nilo.

The idea is simple:

  1. Choose your favorite story
  2. Give the amount designated on the card to FMSC (your purchase goes straight to FMSC and feeds starving kids worldwide!)
  3. Once your purchase is completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a PDF version of the gift card. NOTE: you will not receive a physical card.
  4. Choose to print the card and personalize, or forward the email
  5. Present the card to a loved one as a gift in their honor
  6. Choose another card, and repeat!

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