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FROM DEFEAT TO JOY—HAITI: 113 meals and HOPE for families worldwide

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Marie thought her baby boy would die. St. Luk spiked a fever of 103. Because she couldn’t find enough food for herself, she couldn’t produce enough breast milk to provide the nutrients he needed. Marie fed him bread porridge—it was all she had. FMSC partner Children’s Health Ministries gave her MannaPack™ meals. She felt a glimmer of hope. Eight months later, St. Luk weighed a very healthy 18 pounds and loves to say, “Mama!”

This will provide 113 meals to a child in need like St. Luk.

 The idea is simple:

  1. Choose your favorite story
  2. Give the amount designated on the card to FMSC (your purchase goes straight to FMSC and feeds starving kids worldwide!)
  3. Once your purchase is completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a PDF version of the gift card. NOTE: you will not receive a physical card.
  4. Choose to print the card and personalize, or forward the email
  5. Present the card to a loved one as a gift in their honor
  6. Choose another card, and repeat!

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