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Donation Card - Uganda: Our Tears Would Fill The Nile River

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Hope shines merry & bright

“In his name the nations will put their hope.” – Matthew 12:21

Everything changes with food. At a small school in rural Uganda, a pastor and his wife work to feed MannaPack™ meals to 300+ students. Without nourishing meals provided by your loving support, the children struggle to pay attention in class. But now after eating FMSC meals every day at school, their health and test scores have improved!

“If we did not have this food,” one of the students said, “our tears would fill the Nile River.”

As we celebrate the everlasting hope brought to the world through the birth of Jesus, hope shines merry & bright through your generosity.

FMSC donation cards are an amazing way to share your deep love and compassion with those you love this Christmas.

It’s simple to donate:

    • Choose your favorite FMSC story.
    • Pick a donation amount to include with the card.
    • Donate that amount to FMSC (your purchase goes straight to FMSC and feeds starving kids worldwide!).
    • Once your purchase is completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to download a PDF version of the gift card. NOTE: you will not receive a physical card.
    • Choose to print the card and personalize, or forward the email.
    • Give the card to your loved one to share how you gave in their honor.
    • Select another card…and repeat!

    Each FMSC meal costs less than a quarter. Every dollar you give is tax-deductible, funds lifesaving FMSC meals and makes a significant difference.


    Thank you for being God’s hands and feet this Christmas. Hope shines merry and bright, because of you.



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