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Dalguens Crossbody Bag

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The size of this crossbody backpack is just right for carrying all of your necessities and is made from recycled polyester canvas comprised of discarded plastic bottles.

The Dalguens Crossbody is named for the head of Vi Bella's Haitian sewing team, who was hired when their manager found him on the side of the road selling his beautifully-made backpacks. The fact that he is deaf and blind in one eye hasn't stopped him from designing gorgeous bags that we are proud to carry.

Know that when you purchase any item from the FMSC MarketPlace, you are providing a path out of poverty for Dalguens and the rest of our artisan family.

Details: 9" (T) x 6" (W) x 2 1/4" (D), hand embroidered detailing

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