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Daisy Bouquet & Mug

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Give a gift of love, beauty, and empowerment by supporting TWO inspiring artisan groups and feeding children in need around the world through the purchase of this handmade flower vase!

Meet the artisans who make the clay mug.

Why is this clay unique? In desperate times, extremely poor families in Haiti will mix clay from the ground with water, oil and salt to create a clay "cookie." These clay cookies are eaten by adults and children in order to fill their stomachs when food is not available. 

By transforming the same clay into these beautiful mugs, artisans from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti are able to sculpt their way out of poverty and support their families! 

Mug Size: Each mug is approximately 4 3/4 inches tall. It has a wide 4" base at the bottom of the mug with a more narrow 3 1/4" opening at the top: a perfect mug for drinking your morning coffee or tea!

Meet the artisans who make the daisies.

These unique daisies are handmade by Anite, a mother who lived in Jubilee, Haiti, where FMSC meals are distributed by our food partner MUCH Ministries. FMSC heard about Anite's struggle to provide for her children, and started working with her in 2014 to purchase her beautiful, handmade flowers. Today, with the income she receives from her sales, she and her family have moved to a more secure home and she now employs 3-5 of her neighbors at any given time!

Daisy Size:
Diameter of Daisy:  Approx. 3'' 
Average length of stem: 7"

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