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Case of Nicaraguan Hope Blend Coffee

  • 40000

Case = 40 one pound bags of ground coffee

Save $200 per case when buying in bulk!

This is a great year-round fundraiser for your church or organization. You can offer brewed samples or serve the coffee at special events to increase sales.  This beautifully-balanced medium roast features a sweetly toasted taste with a bright, dry finish.

More than 1 million FMSC meals are served in FMSC food partner Fabretto Children’s Foundation schools throughout Nicaragua each year. This coffee was grown near Cusmapa, Nicaragua. Some of the coffee farmers working in the Cusmapa coffee cooperative also have children attending Fabretto’s school and eating FMSC meals each day!

Meet the artisans who make this coffee. 

Try selling Nicaraguan Hope Blend coffee for $15 or $20 per pound.

 Quantity (Cases) Profit - 1 lb. bag sold at $15 Profit - 1 lb. bag sold at $20
1 $200 $400
2 $400 $800
3 $600 $1200
4 $800 $1600
5 $1000 $2000

Each case provides 892 meals!

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