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Bamboo Scarf

$ 44.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 67 meals.

Made in: Eswatini

Artisan Group: Khutsala Artisan Center

These bamboo scarves are handwoven in Eswatini by the Tsandza Weavers, in partnership with FMSC MarketPlace partner Heart for Africa. They feature a beautiful mix of stripes and colors reflecting the vibrance and color of Africa. The ultimate in uniqueness, every one is hand-dyed and handwoven individually. No two will be identical.

These handwoven textiles uniquely combine the natural fibers of bamboo to create lush, original designs that are both timeless and elegant, and kind to our environment.

Bamboo is a faster-growing plant that uses little water, which improves soil conditions and prevents soil erosion. Using a mechanical spinning process to create yarn is what makes bamboo a sustainable fiber, also known as “bamboo silk” due to it’s beautiful sheen and fluidity. Naturally antibacterial, highly breathable, bamboo textiles are lightweight and cooler than cotton in the warmer weather, but still perfect to add a little warmth in the winter seasons. The perfect compliment for your wardrobe!

Currently working with around 60 artisans, Tsandza’s mission is to provide the opportunity for a constantly expanding population of rural women to develop and learn new skills that allow them to generate income to care for their families, and for consumers, another option and a means to buy more ethically. 

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