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Esperanza - Basket Cooperative Member

How long have you worked in the basket cooperative?

15 years ago, back in 2000 I was one of the founders of our basket-weaving business. But it wasn’t until 2006, that the cooperative was founded.

Do all the employees make a salary in the cooperative?

Yes. Each person who works for the cooperative receives benefits for their hard work.

Has the cooperative helped the community?

The basket cooperative has helped the entire community from adults to the youngest of children. When one basket is purchased, so many people benefit. The kids help by collecting pine needles from the forest floor, the women create the products, and sell the baskets in the shops here. We sometimes spend the money we earn on local food and supplies in shops owned by local families. So the entire town is affected in a positive way. Because of this, the community has advanced a lot and rates of children staying in school have increased. Going to the university is very difficult, so there’s an opportunity through Fabretto where kids can receive scholarships to attend.

 Do you have any dreams for the future?

Well right now we take the bus, which is always very full and crowded. It makes it difficult to take materials to the warehouse. So hopefully in the future, we would like to buy our own form of transportation. I also hope to expand the cooperative by adding more women. So many of our employees have the desire to lean how to make more. If there were a larger business, more women would get receive the help and support they need to improve their livelihoods and futures. The more they sell, the more they can they can progress in their lives. With everything we’ve accomplished so far, I am confident that we can continue to achieve our dreams!

FMSC Food Partner: Fabretto Children’s Foundation

Country: Nicaragua

FMSC/Food Parter Facts:. Fabretto Children’s Foundation provides educational and nutritional support to over 12,500 Nicaraguan children every day. FMSC sends over 4 million meals a year to Fabretto to help combat chronic malnutrition in at-risk communities. In addition to feeding programs, Fabretto has created small business programs to provide economic support for artisans in Nicaragua. The FMSC MarketPlace is grateful and honored to work with Fabretto to purchase and sell the beautiful, handmade items made by artisans enrolled in the cooperative programs.

Products from these Artisans:

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