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Leather and Glass Earrings

$ 14.00 $ 14.00
FMSC MarketPlace
Purchase provides 27 meals.

Made in: Uganda

Artisan Group: The Women of Pader

These handmade earrings are adorned with beads upcycled from glass bottles and are hypoallergenic. Refined in fire, glass bottles are turned into beautiful beads that signify hard-work and sustainability. The glass beads sit on brown leather for an earthly and stylish look.

Pair them with the Chunky Glass Bracelet to complete your look.

Handmade by the talented artisans at Women of Pader, your purchase allows them to earn a dignified income to support their families and community.

The women follow these five steps to create the recycled glass beads - from trash to treasure!
Step 1: Recycled glass found in the community is crushed and ground
Step 2: The crushed glass mixture is sprinkled into a pressed mold made from swamp and river mud mixed with gravel
Step 3: A plant stem is placed in the middle for the hole
Step 4: The molds are put into one of three ovens that heat the glass up to 1000°
Step 5: Voilà! Beautiful, unique beads are ready to be used for jewelry!