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Anite's Hemp Daisy

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Meet the artisans who make this product.

These unique daisies are handmade by Anite, a mother who lives in Jubilee, Haiti, where FMSC meals are distributed by our food partner MUCH Ministries. FMSC heard about Anite's struggle to provide for her children, and started working with her in 2014 to purchase her beautiful, handmade flowers.

After FMSC's initial purchase, Anite was able to employ two additional women to help create the handmade daisies. FMSC is hopeful that with your support, even more artisans will be able to join Anite and support themselves and their families through the sale of their craft!

Diameter of Daisy:  Approx. 3'' 
Average length of stem: 7"

Consider a bouquet of six or a dozen daisies!

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