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Rice Basket

  • 2400

These baskets are a staple of life in Haiti and each is made using 100% local and recycled materials. We love these baskets because, in addition to the story, they are the perfect decorations in any style home! Let them stand alone, add them to a larger basket collection, or include them in a gallery wall. Equally stunning in a home office, hallway or bedroom, they feature subtle variations making each piece unique.

The Story: Called “laye” in Haitian Creole, these handwoven baskets are a basic tool in everyday life in Haiti. They are used to clean rice in preparation for cooking. The rice is tossed around in the basket as it is checked for small stones and other seeds that were pulled into the harvest. Hang this piece in your home to serve as a reminder of the mundane, yet beautiful processes that make up our lives!

-large = 21" diameter
-small = 14" diameter
-100% local materials
-100% recycled materials

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