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MOSO Throw Blanket

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Artisans at FMSC MarketPlace partner 2nd Story Goods are upcycling fabric into beautiful blankets! Baby blanket or throw blanket the colors vary, but the style and size are consistent. Soft batting has been added for extra snuggle comfort.

Moso means “pieces” in Haitian Creole. Every month, tons of used and overstock clothing is shipped from developed countries, like the US, to developing countries, like Haiti, where they are either sold by local vendors or sent to the landfill. 2nd Story Goods goes to the market where they purchase the clothing from the local vendors. (win #1: local commerce!) They bring them home to the 2nd Story backyard and hand wash each piece in big tubs. Next, they hang them in the sun to dry and then bring them to the design table and cut and sew them back together to make each fabulous, one of a kind piece of art. (win #2: providing living wage jobs!) Because of this, they are no longer destined to be thrown away (win #3: the environment!) and now are going to be given a new home with you! (win #4: new blanket!)

Size: Approximately 44" x 66"

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