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Haitian Hot Sauce

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Spice up your life with some delicious Haitian hot sauce! The Creole name of “Nap Boule’!” means “Haiti is Hot!”

This delicious hot sauce is made from Haitian Piman Bouk peppers, a fiery habanero. The mission of Bel Soley, the company who produces Nap Boule’! Hot Sauce, is to create sustainable change through economic development. They work with small farmers and farm co-operatives who specialize in growing Piman Bouk peppers. FMSC has food partners in and around the area these peppers are grown.

Peppers are hand-picked in Haiti and processed/packaged in the USA.

Each flavor is unique and delicious - check out the photos of the pepper farm in Haiti where your hot sauce came from!

Note:  The coconut-lime sauce should be vigorously shaken to prevent separation and provide the best flavor.

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