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Mia Leather Clutch

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Meet the artisans who make this product.

Simple but elegant in design this handmade leather clutch will complement any style. Ideal for an evening out, or teamed with a casual outfit for a special day out, this gorgeous clutch is perfect for carrying all the essentials.

Each clutch is handmade from full grain Haitian vegetable tanned leather, which is characterized by its durability, supple feel and subtle tonal variations, and includes a brass button closure. The traditional tanning method results in a natural looking, enduring leather which ages beautifully.

Haiti Design Co's Ekip Solid, also known as 'Solid Team', consists of 19 artisans that specialize in leather products that will last a lifetime. They utilize locally sourced, vegetable tanned leather to create classic pieces that will grow more beautiful with age and patina. Their goods are hand and machine stitched, and each piece reflects the natural and beautiful variations of the hides they come from. 

Size: Approx. 9 3/4" x 5 3/4"

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