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Metal Cross Key Chain

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Meet the artist who made these keychains!

Read how the metal art is made.

These metal cross key chains were handmade and painted by Frederic, a metal worker in Haiti. Frederic lives with his wife and child in Carrfour, Haiti. He runs a metal shop out of their home on the side of a dirt road, in an area known as The Metal Village. Frederic has been practicing the craft since he was 16 years old. His is one of more than 20 metal businesses in the village. When creating his art, Frederic begins by purchasing 50 gallon metal drums. The drums are cut down and flattened into workable pieces. Each metal design is individually cut, decorated and polished by hand. Over the span of ten years, Frederic has created some very unique pieces. Included in his work are beautiful handmade metal crosses.

Product Details: Key chain ring included

Size: Approx. 2" x 3"

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