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Friends and Family Auction Package


Bring authentic African style and classic elegance to your home, office or patio with these lovely beaded sculptures from Heart for Africa.

Beautiful glass beading wraps around each figure. All figures attach to one round base making these pieces sturdy for any tabletop or shelf.

The family of three features abstract figures that could represent most any family of three (mother and children, siblings, even cousins or friends).

The mother and child candle holder features two abstract figures that express the beauty of motherhood and the special bond between a mother and child.

This package also includes Janine Maxwell's, co-founder of Heart for Africa, SIGNED books. "It's Not Okay With Me", "Is It Okay With You", and "Hope Lives Here" leads you through Janine's journey to Africa, asking "what can I do to make a difference" and shares stories of joys and successes as well as lows and betrayals. Her story is brutally honest and will take you straight to the heart of the issue of Africa's great need.

Finally, enjoy shopping at, any FMSC permanent site, or MobilePack event, with the included $100 gift card.

Package value: $225

Auction winner will pay shipping.

Included in this package

  • Family Sculpture
  • Mother and Child Candle Holder
  • Three SIGNED books, written by Janine Maxwell ("It's Not Okay With Me", "Is It Okay With You", and "Hope Lives Here")
  • $100 FMSC MarketPlace gift card

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